Exclusive Content for Ledger Customers

Exclusive Content For Ledger Customers

Billfodl Setup

How do I Setup My Billfodl?

In the series of short videos below, Colin will take you step-by-step into setting up your Billfodl Recovery Seed Device.

Ledger Passphrase Set up and Recovery

Setting Up Passphrase Protection On a Ledger Device

In this series of videos, Colin explains why you might want to consider setting up what Ledger calls passphrase protection (also known as 25th word protection) and how to set it up on your wallet.

Recovering a Ledger Wallet With or Without Passphrase Protection

In this series, Colin explains how to do a normal wallet recovery for a ledger wallet using ledger live...and if you had set up passphrase protection on your ledger, Colin will show you the additional steps needed to recover.


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