The Safest Way To HODL


What is Billfodl? What is it used for? Why do I need it?

Billfodl is the most secure way to store your private data offline, safe from hackers and internet thieves. It's an almost indestructible object that backs up your data (cryptocurrency private keys, passwords, wallet recovery seeds, etc) the old fashioned way - through good ole raw material engraving and no need to trust any third-party.

    My seed is 157 letters, but Billfodl only has space for 96. What do I do?

    Don't worry! You can still store you your seed securely on Billfodl. The way the recovery seeds work is such that you only need the first 4 letters of each word in the seed. For example, if your seed had the words:

    witch collapse practice feed shame open despair creek road again ice lease
    Then you would arrange your tiles to look like this:

    witc coll prac feed sham open desp cree road agai ice leas
    If you ever need to recover your private data, you would just input the first four letters into any major crypto wallet (MyCelium, Jaxx, Ledger, Trezor, etc). For how to do that, see:
    My Wallet is asking for the entire word, but I only recorded the first 4 letters in my Billfodl.  Where do I find what the whole word is?
    While rare, some wallets do ask for the entire word.  The list of full words can be found here. Only one word on the list will start with the first 4 letters in your Billfodl.

      Is there a set-up demonstration video I can watch?

      There sure is! Check it out below!


      Does Billfodl support all key types?

      Indeed it does! We only have one product, and it was designed to support all private key types: Hexadecimal, Alpha-Numeric (Wallet Import Format), and 12, 18, and 24 word seed phrases. We designed it so there was no confusion for our clients. It doesn't matter what kind of key or password you are storing

      What is Billfodl made of? Can it withstand the effects of fire, flooding, or EMP blasts?

      TL;DR: yes, watch this:


      All pieces of the Billfodl are 100% composed of the highest quality 316 stainless steel around. We chose this steel because of its very high melting point and (unlike the more common 304 steel) its extreme resistance to corrosion, even in prolonged exposure to salt water.

      This means that the Billfodl can withstand twice the temperature of the average house fire and is protected from all forms of water corrosion the unit may be exposed to in the case of a flood (be it from inland fresh water or coastal sea water).

      Even an EMP blast from a terrorist threat could not part you from your keys, as Billfodl is also completely shock-proof. No matter the test, Billfodl passes, making it the safest place to hodl.  

      Is Billfodl better than a paper wallet?

      One of the primary drawbacks of the paper wallet is its poor longevity. Ink can run in humidity, the paper dissolves in water, and in the longer term, paper degrades. Because of the high quality build materials of the Billfodl, you can be sure that your private data and crypto keys are safe from both the elements and time itself.

      Additionally, paper wallets are produced by third party agents, so until you go to recover your coins, you never really know they are safe to begin with. Billfodl eliminates this weak point in security by allowing you to create the offline storage on your own without trusting a third party not to steal your coins. 

      What happens if my Billfodl is lost or stolen?

      If your Billfodl is lost or stolen, IMMEDIATELY move all of your crypto to a new address which utilizes a completely different Seed or Private Key. If using Billfodl to store Seed Words, we recommend you use a passphrase (sometimes called a “25th word”) so that if someone finds your Billfodl, you still have some protection (see Best Practices for more information). This can be done on most hardware wallets. See the below links to go to the “how to” for your wallet:

      Ledger passphrase

      Trezor passphrase

      What do I do if phone or hardware wallet is stolen, lost or destroyed?

      Because you have stored your backup Seed Words on a Billfodl, you should NOT panic. Unless the thief has access to your bitcoin wallet (I.E. they know your phone/hardware wallet PIN), just take several deep breaths and realize that there is no rush. All of your funds are safely stored on the blockchain, and you have all the information that you need to retrieve them securely stored on your Billfodl.

      How do I recover data protected by Billfodl?

      To retrieve them, simply open any bitcoin wallet which supports Seed Phrase import, such as another Trezor or Ledger, GreenAddress, or Mycelium among many others.  Again, there is NO RUSH. Your funds are safe on the blockchain. Please take your time to research how to do this with your preferred wallet.

      While the exact process differs in every wallet, most have a feature to input Seed Words.  Here are some links to the recovery procedures for some popular wallets:

      As always if you have any questions, we are always here to help at  

      Where should I keep my Billfodl?

      You should store your Billfodl somewhere you can ensure it will be secure just as you would any important document or high value item. However, given it’s extreme durability, don’t limit yourself to traditional hiding places.  Whether you choose to put it in a safe, bury it in your back yard, seal it in a wall, or bolt it under your desk is completely up to you!

      How do I know it will keep my keys safe?

      It’s made of solid steel. We tried to destroy it and couldn’t.

      While not even Helm’s Deep is impregnable, relative to anywhere else, storing your keys or Seed Words in a Billfodl will allow you to sleep easy at night.

      How do I set up my Billfodl?

      You can view our setup video below:

      Or you can check out our detailed step-by-step instructions on this page!

      Where can I learn more about protecting my crypto investments?

      Check our page explaining all of that in greater detail here!

      Can I use Billfodl instead of a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet?

      TL;DR - Please don’t.  

      While you could use Billfodl instead of a hardware wallet by creating new cold wallets and loading the private keys into Billfodl, in practice this is not the best way to use Billfodl, and if you transacted with any frequency, this method would become very cumbersome.  

      Instead, the Billfodl is meant to complement your hardware wallet by enabling you to store your Seed Words in a way that is as indestructible and safe from user-error as we could conceive of.

      I don't have a screwdriver; how do I open and close the unit to secure the tiles?

      We've got your covered. The Billfodl is designed so that you can use any one of the provided tiles to lock and unlock the tile tray. No tools necessary; just ease of use for all our awesome customers.

      I have something I want to tell you guys. How do i get a hold of you?

      You can reach out to us at Tell us your frustrations, praises, ideas, criticism; we want to know it all!

      What is Billfodl's return policy?

      We are so sure you are going to love your Billfodl that we offer a no-questions-asked, 125% money-back guarantee. That is not a typo. If you don't like Billfodl, send it back to us, and we will refund your money plus 25%. Your time is valuable. If you feel like we have wasted yours, you are entitled to be compensated for it. And we promise - we are the only offline storage solution option that will pay you if you don't like the product. That's how sure we are! 

      I don't like my Billfodl! How do I return it and get my 125% money-back guarantee
      All you have to do is reach out to us at with your name, order number, and address (shipping and billing). From there, we will provide you with a shipping label and instructions for how to return the billfodl back to us. After we receive the unit back, we will refund your card + 25%. We pay you if you don't like the product. 
      There is something wrong with my Billfodl. What are you gonna do about it?!
      You have two options. You can either return it for 125% refund (see above), can let us replace it AND we will give you a 30% refund. Up to you. We offer the 30% instead of 25% for a replacement because we want to thank you for giving us a second chance. We aren't perfect, so sometimes we make a mistake. We want to make it right in a way that everyone feels good. 

      What is the Billfodl Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee?

      We encourage all takers to find a way to melt or corrode the Billfodl and tell us how you did it! In that spirit, it is our guarantee that the product will make good on all our claims. We also guarantee that, despite its performance, if you still don't like it or want it, we will refund the product 125%, no-questions-asked. If you do manage to destroy it, send it back to us along with an explanation of how you did it for a 125% refund.