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Billfodl VS Cryptosteel

10 Things to Know Before Buying

by Colin Aulds
Updated 10/20/2019

Why choose Billfodl over Cryptosteel?

The differences might surprise you.


Here are 10 reasons why Billfodl is a better choice than Cryptosteel.

1. The Most Capable Device at the Lowest Price

Which device offers more key support and better shipping rates, while also charging you less?

Billfodl does. 

Hodling safely shouldn't be expensive or force you to sacrifice quality.

Want a Cryptosteel with similar flexibility to the Billfodl?

You'll need to shell out OVER $200!

2. Free Shipping

Billfodl's Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel offers increased corrosion resistance when compared to Cryptosteel's basic 304 construction

3. Scientific Testing

Billfodl is the only backup device to have undergone rigorous, scientific testing of its heat resistant properties.

Tests were performed at a US Department of Defense Test Site where the Billfodl stood in a 600 gallon Jet Fuel fire at came out unscathed.

"The Billfodl survived amazingly well....Tile rails did not become warped and no tiles were out of place as a result of testing....NO DATA loss and great readability!"

4. We Pay You If You Don't Like it

We guarantee you'll love your Billfodl.

If for any reason you don't, return it for a 125% refund.

That's right; full refund + 25%, no questions asked 

5. World Class Customer Service

Do a bit of searching online and one of the recurring complaints you will find about Cryptosteel is their lackluster customer service.

For instance...
Here at Billfodl, "Success" will never be an excuse to ignore you. You don't take your hodling lightly...neither do we.

Here is why customers love us:


All US orders (and international orders of 2+ Billfodls) ship for FREE 


All orders ship Fedex Express, meaning you get your package fast



When you buy from Billfodl, you get unlimited free and fast support



We know you'll love your Billfodl, which is why we offer a 125% refund policy

6. Higher Quality Steel

Billfodl's Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel offers increased corrosion resistance when compared to Cryptosteel's basic 304 construction
304 vs 316 steel

7. No More Mixed Up Tiles

8. Experts Say Billfodl is Better

"We feel that anyone with significant amount of cryptocurrency who is relying on paper seeds as backups should consider a Billfodl. For $80, it is a rather cheap insurance policy against many potential threats that paper backup seeds don’t."

-Jordan Tuwiner,

"For what it aims to achieve, the Billfodl device accomplishes everything – it’s cheaper than the competition, uses better materials and is better designed. That makes it the best product on the market for storing your keys or seed words"

-Oliver Dale,

"Billfodl is my 'go to' for deep cold storage and the only long term storage solution I trust. I feel safer knowing my seed fragments can withstand fire, flood and pretty much anything else nature can throw at is. Billfodl's quality is second to none!."

-Mike Olthoff,

"With Billfodl offering so many features for half of the price, would it still be a good idea to get (one of their competitors)? Billfodl has raised the bar considerably. Let’s be objective – Billfodl offers a superior product at a considerably lower price."

-Ciprian V.,

Other Experts agree:

9. Better Build Quality

The Billfodl features a laser cut chassis and laser engraved tiles, providing the following benefits.

Laser Cut Chassis

  •  Better structural integrity under stress
  • Easier to install seed
  • Tiles fit the same way EVERYTIME

Laser-Engraved Tiles

  • Consistent, more precise production
  • Easier to read
  • Less expensive to produce ($$ passed on to you)

This means the Billfodl can stand up to extremely harsh conditions.

Just watch us try to melt it!

10. We Accept Lightning Payments

At Billfodl, we are all about the bleeding edge, which is why we accept lightning payments.

And no need to worry about your payment getting lost.

We'll eat that cost and ship your product anyway!

It's our way of saying thanks to the community.



I hope this guide helped you figure out which device is right for you.

While the Billfodl and the Cryptosteel look similar, the differences between the two are astounding.

From the guarantees to the construction, and even customer service, the Billfodl outclasses the cryptosteel at every turn

What Are You Waiting For?

Don't lose Your Ticket To the Moon!

Buy Billfodl Today

  • Customer Service Responds Quickly

  • Free Express Shipping (US)

  • 125% 1-year warranty

  • Guaranteed safe checkout with Shopify