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Helping Houston Businesses

Save 66% off your Credit Card Fees

You're paying your payment processor up to 3% for all credit card payments. Accept bitcoin at your business today and pay as little as 0.75%. Don't worry if you are not a tech expert. The Bitcoin experts at Cent will do all the hard work for you! Contact us on the form below for more info.

Why Accept Bitcoin?

Unfairly low fees

We process payments at a fraction of the cost of your Credit Card processor


Instant Settlement

No need to wait days or weeks for payouts, your funds settle instantly to your account

Zero Chargebacks

Since all transactions are settled on the Bitcoin blockchain, you can be certain there will be ZERO fraud or chargebacks on Bitcoin Payments

We're Always Here

No need to be worried about not knowing about Bitcoin, the experts at Cent will be there for you!

Enable your existing POS to accept Bitcoin

We can enable your existing Point of Sale to accept Bitcoin payments

See what we did with this standard commercial POS system....


Don't Have or Need a POS?

Use our free system to easily email Bitcoin invoices, with Multi-Language support!



Don't get left behind. Contact us to start accepting Bitcoin!

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