About Us

Billfodl was created by Bryan and Colin Aulds: two brothers who have traveled and lived all around the world, but as of the past several years, have become absolutely obsessed with bitcoin and the crypto space and are active members in the global bitcoin community. 

The Origin

While Colin was living in Seoul, South Korea, working as an English teacher and podcaster, Bryan was working in port security in Manama, Bahrain. While each had been following Bitcoin since the very early days, regularly posting on the mises.org and libertyhq forums where Bitcoin was occasionally mentioned, it wasn't until around 2013 that they both became truly inspired by the promise that bitcoin and applied cryptography offered the world, so they decided to go all in. Since that time, both brothers have become globally active members in the crypto community and have never looked back.

Currently, Colin lives with his girlfriend Van in Southern California, where he works as a test engineer and web developer by day and labors to make Billfodl a great product for all his customers by night.

Bryan has also just moved back to the US from Bahrain with his wife and 5 children. He has always wanted to contribute something to help the community, and now, with Billfodl, he has that chance.  

The Problem and Solution

Colin and Bryan created the Billfodl because all the other private key security products they saw on the market were either not sufficiently robust or were too expensive.

They wanted to provide a high-quality method for all of their friends to store their private keys in a way that is safe from human errors, hackers, extreme weather events, and even time itself, while also being affordable (unlike so many other private key storage solutions). With the Billfodl, you get protection from all of these threats and you get that protection at a much more reasonable price and better quality than comparable products. 

You can follow Colin and Bryan on twitter @Colin_Aulds and @BryanAulds.

You can also check out Colin and Bryan's podcast at unhashedpodcast.com

Please also check out BTCPayServer if you are are merchant wanting to accept cryptocurrency for your shop. They are very dear friends of ours and have treated us very well with no expectation of payment or reward in return. We cannot thank them enough for making taking lightning transactions possibe for our shop. Check out their Github here.