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  • Billfodl - The One And Only Billfodl

    The Billfodl


    UNMATCHED RECOVERY SEED PROTECTION FIREPROOF Billfodl is protected up to 1200C/2100F and has been tested using milita...

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  • Billfodl Multishard

    Billfodl Multishard


    UNMATCHED RECOVERY SEED PROTECTION, SHARDED! With the Billfodl Multishard, you can split your seed into 3 shards, each with 16 of your 24 ...

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  • Billfodl 2-Pack Bundle

    Billfodl 2-Pack Bundle


    This is the Billfodl 2-Pack! It packs a double-helping of our beastly steel to make sure you have a backup of your backup!  With the Billfodl, yo...

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  • Billfodl 3-Pack Bundle

    Billfodl 3-Pack Bundle


    This is the Billfodl 3-Pack! You'll have a copy of a copy of your backup, so you know no matter what, you are good to go! With the Billfodl, you ...

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  • Billfodl Expansion Pack

    Billfodl Expansion Pack


    Want to take your Billfodl and Hardware Wallet security to the next level? Then the Billfodl Expansion Pack is the bundle for you!