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  • December 10, 2019 Colin Aulds

    How To Do a Coinjoin (2019 Update)

    Using Bitcoin (relatively) privately is a skill that everyone should learn. CoinJoin is an anonymization strategy that protects the privacy of Bitcoin users when they conduct transactions with each other. If you want to know how to do a coinjoin yourself, this brief guide will show you exactly that!
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  • August 17, 2019 Chris Palasz

    What Is Cold Storage?

    What Is Cold Storage? by Chris Palasz How can storing Bitcoin be 'hot' or 'cold'? What do these terms mean? Aren't wallets all the same more or less? In this post we will learn: What is Bitcoin Cold Storage?  Don’t...

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  • August 16, 2019 Scott Wehman

    What Is a Paper Wallet?

    Paper wallets provide offline (aka “cold”) storage of your coins. Along with the private and public key pair are associated QR codes. In printed form, these make receiving or spending bitcoin more convenient. However, beware: there are risks involved with storing your coins on these wallets
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  • July 17, 2019 Chris Palasz

    What is a 'Shitcoin'?

    What Is a 'Shitcoin'? by Chris Palasz There are two kinds of people who want to know what a shitcoin is. The first is a person who hears “shitcoin” all over the place: “that’s a shitcoin!” and “stop shilling your...

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  • January 11, 2019 Colin Aulds

    How to Block Your Phone From Being Tracked

    If you are wondering ‘is my phone being tracked?’ the answer is ‘yes.’ Your phone is being tracked by various agencies and companies that do it legally because you gave them permission when you downloaded their app. Your cell phone provider is probably selling your location data right now.
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  • January 2, 2019 Bryan Aulds

    How to Prevent Keyless Car Theft

    Key fob ignition systems are one of the best ways to prevent thieves from stealing your car. However, thieves have started using devices called code grabbers to perform Signal Extender Relay Attacks. In this article, we look at Faraday bags, which are the most effective products at preventing SERA attacks.
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