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Have you ever wondered what people mean when they call a cryptocurrency a shitcoin? Is bitcoin a shitcoin? or are all the other coins shitcoins? We seek to answer these questions in this week's blogpost.

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Bitcoin cannot be looked at from the perspective of what it does. The 3 biggest use cases that Bitcoin has are as a store of value, digital transfer of value, and as a speculative investment. However, gold is already used as a store of value, we already have Paypal for digital transfer of value, and the stock market already provides plenty of investment opportunities. So what is Bitcoin? How is it different? To answer this question, we cannot look at what Bitcoin is from the perspective of what Bitcoin does. We must look at Bitcoin from the perspective of what...

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Our new resident writer tallies up how many Bitcoin addresses are possible in this week's fodl blog

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The new kid in town has everything to prove and acceptance is the name of the game. Check out how The Sandlot and its coming of age story of social acceptance parallels the reticence of some of America's biggest money men to publicly come out in support of Bitcoin.

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