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Smart phones are ubiquitous. We use them for navigation, banking, shopping, social media and so on. Some of these applications use GPS technology to enable them to work and some of them require you to turn on GPS data even if they are a Flash Light App. All this data gets sent to the app company. So, if you are wondering ‘is my phone being tracked?’ the answer is ‘yes.’ Your phone is being tracked by various agencies and companies that do it legally because you gave them permission when you downloaded their app. Your cell phone provider is probably selling your location data right now. Knowing this, it now makes a lot more sense that these companies can give these apps away for free. As the saying goes, “If you didn’t pay for the product, you are the product”.  

If you use a smartphone with a GPS, there is someone who is always keeping an eye on you virtually. In fact, this guy can find anyone with a phone for $300. This can be disturbing for many people, and you might wonder how to block my phone from being tracked?


Even though some companies give us valid reasons for cell phone tracking, like counting our steps or providing navigation, these companies or the people now have details about your personal life that you would probably prefer them not to have. This goes for individual, companies and governments. (In fact, the app Strava was responsible for allowing the discovery of secret US military bases.) The details such as where you are going and what you are eating should not be available for the world to see. It is a clear fact that a cell phone tracking device in the hands of a criminal can be harmful for the user as we all know that this can be used to track your actual timeline and might result in the hacking of the device or theft. What most people do not realize is that this data is open to many people, some with ill motives.

So the most frequently asked question is, how do I block someone from tracking my phone? There are a few ways in which you can prevent tracking, but one of the easiest and most cost effective is by using a Faraday bag, like this Signal Killer Faraday bag.


How To Block Your Phone From Being Tracked?

The best way to protect you from Cell phone tracking is by investing in a Faraday Bag, sometimes also called a cell phone pouch. A Faraday bag is a cell phone signal blocking bag that blocks out all kinds of signals of your cell phone and keeps it safe from tracking like we described above. Whenever you need your phone, you can take it out of the case and use it normally.

One thing that the users should keep in mind with a Faraday Bag is that it will block all the signals in your phone, so if you are anticipating an important call, it is not the best idea to keep your device in a Faraday bag.

How Do Faraday Bags Work?

A Faraday Cage In Action


Similar to the Faraday cage displayed above, a Faraday bag is made with conducting materials that are helpful in blocking out all of the external electric fields. So when any other electric signal tries to enter the bag, it gets distributed evenly on it and does not penetrate inside. This way the hackers, thieves, or government agencies who are trying to track your phone or any other device will not be able to get to it because of the outer layer of the Faraday bag. So, if your asking how to stop someone from tracking your phone, a Faraday bag is the short and easy answer.


Faraday Bags Can Keep Your Other Data Safe Too:

Safety For Car Keys

Keyless car thefts have been increasing with each day. The reason for this is that people often do not know that the signals from their keys can be copied by a device called key fob code grabber The cloned signal is then used to unlock and start the car without the actual key. There have been many thefts of the cars which utilize key fobs. This can be prevented with the use of a Faraday bags. For more information on this topic, you can read our full post about it here.

Safety Of Gadgets

Gadgets such as laptops and tablets are also prone to be hacked and misused. The best ways to prevent this is by keeping them in a Faraday Bag. This way the attacker will not be able to access the device. Other devices such as smartwatches are also prone to be hacked and tracked, and you can store them also in the bag to keep them safe from hackers.

Safety of Smart Cards

Smart cards also contain information that can be stolen. These smart cards should also be stored in the Faraday bags so that the information in them cannot be leaked or hacked by a hacker unless they physically steal the card. The best way to carry your keys and cards is to buy a Faraday pouch if you are concerned about your security and privacy.