How to prevent keyless car theft

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How to prevent keyless car theft

Car theft has been something that has been observed since the invention of the automobile. In the times when cars had door locks and ignitions with a mechanical key, people found ways to pick the lock and hot-wire the car. With the advancement in technology, electronic locks were introduced, and now cars have a central computer that is locked with an electronic key. This is one of the safest ways to prevent thieves from stealing the car. However, as with every technology, thieves have found a way around this security measure and have started using devices called code grabbers to unlock at start the car. Hacking a car lock and stealing the car has become more common everyday day and the cases of theft have been increasing considerably. People are often perplexed by the question of how to prevent keyless car theft?


In this article, we will look something called a Faraday bag which is one of the best devices that can keep your cars safe from these hackers. We will also talk about the growing car thefts and how the users need to be careful from the thieves using code grabbers to hack key fob signals in order to break into cars.

How Are Car Thefts Increasing With Growing Technology?


Police department around the world are seeing a huge increase in car theft. Many of the car thefts that took place in the past few months have been “keyless thefts”. These thefts have left police departments baffled because most of these cars were locked with an electronic locking system which is one of the safest auto security systems available. When we look online, there are many videos showing thieves using a device to open the lock of the car and stealing it. So, what is this device that is being used to steal these cars?


This device that the thieves have been using is called a key fob code grabber. Thieves have become tech-savvy and have started using this device to catch the radio frequency of the car keys, cloning them, and then use the newly made duplicate set of keys to open the door of the cars and drive off. You can watch a video of it happening right here!


Modern car key fobs work with the help of electro-magnetic signals. When the car key is near the car, there is a radio frequency between the car and the key fob. When the user presses the unlock button on the remote of the car, the doors open since the car gets the signal. This radio frequency is caught by the key fob and is being used to open the doors of the cars. The only way in which this theft can be stopped is by using an RFID blocking bag, also called a Signal Killer or a Faraday bag.  


What Is A Signal killer Faraday Bag?

The Signal Killer Faraday Bag is designed on the basis of the Faraday Cage. The Farday Cage was developed by the famous scientist Michael Faraday in which he created a box made of conductors that did not let any other electric signal or wave enter. This principle is also used in building airplanes; the planes are designed in such a way that if struck by lightning the electrical force cannot enter the inside of the airplane. The Signal Killer Faraday bag functions in much the same way. It blocks out all the waves that are entering or exiting and spreads them around but does not let them pass. So anything that is kept inside the bag cannot be accessed by outside electric or magnetic waves and vice versa.

Faraday bags have been used by the military and police for ages to protect technological evidence such as phones, laptops, smartwatches, or other hardware that has important digital data inside of them. This technology is now being used by the public since the thefts of data and cars is increasing considerably.

How To Prevent Keyless Car Theft With A Faraday Bag?


Now the question is, how to prevent car theft with a car key fob signal blocker? As we explained above, the thieves are using code grabbers to extract signals from the car key fobs and duplicate them so that the car system gets tricked and the car door unlocks easily. With a Signal Killer Faraday Bag, the signals from the car keys will get blocked. So the radio frequency of your car keys will not reach the thief. This will save your car from being stolen.


Because most of these thefts are happening at home, it is best to keep the Signal Killer bag where ever you normally keep your keys. Just get into the habit of dropping your keys into the bag as you come in the door. Then you no longer have to worry about your car, or any of the belongings inside, getting stolen in the middle of the night.


At Billfodl, we are very concerned with digital security, so producing Faraday bags was a natural fit for our product line. You can buy one of our bag by clicking the link below.


Other Uses Of Faraday Bag

The keys of the cars have radio frequency, and the RFID key fob protector bag can keep the keys safe but what about its other uses? Well, these Faraday bags are really useful in many other ways. Here are some other uses of these bags.


  1. Prevention of Phone Tracking


The Faraday bag can also be used to prevent your phone from being tracked. We all use smartphones with GPS technology and Wi-Fi. This bag blocks out all kinds of signals that also blocks the cell phone tracking of your device. Most of the tracking is done through Wi-Fi signals, and this Wi-Fi signal will not reach out to any person with the bag. The only drawback is that your mobile network will also get cut off and hence you will need to take your phone out if you need other kinds of connectivity.


  1. Safeguarding Personal Data from Credit Cards


Credit cards have become a part of the lives of many people. However, the chips in these cards hold important information which when leaked can cause problems in the lives of the people. Hence to prevent any harm to your privacy, you should keep your smart card in a Faraday pouch and ensure that no one will be able to extract information from it electronically.


  1. Saves Laptop and Other Devices From Being Hacked


When we are in public places, our laptops and other smart devices are at the highest risk of being hacked. Hence it is important to keep your devices in the Faraday bag when you are not using them. This will help in protecting them from unnecessary hackers who can extract important information from your devices.


Stay Aware Of The Hackers and Invest In Faraday Bag For Key Fob


As we can see that it has become easy for the thieves and hackers to get ahold of your car key’s signal and steal it without you even noticing, this is the reason everyone needs a signal blocking bag. You can find a Signal Killer Faraday bag right here on our site. For a single car key fob, our small bag is perfect; however, if you want to store more items, such as passports, credit cards, car keys, and your phone, then our large Signal Killer Faraday Bag is the one for you.

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